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The following adjustments will go into effect April 15/18

50 Red Line:

  • This bus will arrive and depart from the north side of Plaza.  Routing as follows: CF Champlain, Paul, Lewisville, Wheeler, Mapleton, Plaza, North Plaza, Plaza, Mountain, Wheeler, Traffic Circle, Paul, and CF Champlain. Map

62 Hildegard:

  • The departure time from North Plaza on the first trip only, Monday to Saturday, will change from 6:45am to 6:40am, arriving at the Casino at 6:45am. Schedule (M.-F.), Schedule (Sat.)

64-B Hospitals:

  • The mid-day trip starting from 1111 Main at 11:15am will arrive at the Moncton Hospital at 11:32am instead of 11:30am. The 11:55am mid-day trip starting from 1111 Main will arrive at the Moncton Hospital at 12:12pm instead of 12:10pm. Schedule

70 Mapleton:

  • This bus will now arrive and depart from South Plaza.  Routing as follows: South Plaza, Plaza, Mapleton, Trans-Canada Highway, Gorge, King's Bridge, Château, Gorge, Mountain, Evergreen, Glencairn, Lonsdale, Mountain, Plaza, and South Plaza. Map

71 Coliseum:

  • This bus will now arrive and depart from South Plaza.  Routing as follows: South Plaza, Plaza, Mapleton, Purdy, Crandall, Ayer, Killam, Berry Mills, Bingham, Berry Mills, Horsman, Ryan, Hildegard, Mountain, Plaza, and South Plaza. Map



As of February 12/18, when logging in to use free Wi-Fi service aboard our buses, please ensure you are connected to “WIFI-CODIACTRANSPO”.



As a result of a new revenue sharing agreement with Dieppe and Riverview, the tear off tab on our passes will no longer be required. New passes will not have the tabs attached and the tabs on older passes being used for the first time will be removed by our drivers. 



Due to events at the Casino, the #62 Hildegard will not be able to service the bus stop at the Casino, during the times listed.  The bus will proceed on Mountain Rd., left onto Charles Lutes Rd., then left into the parking lot of Petro-Canada.  It will leave from this location on the Casino schedule times.  Please make your way to Mountain Rd., between the Petro-Canada and the Casino Entrance, to catch the bus.  The events are as follows;

• Tuesday, April 17, “Johnny Reid”, 18:00 to the end of the day.

• Wednesday, April 18, “Johnny Reid”, 18:00 to the end of the day.

• Saturday, April 21, “2018 Atlantic Classic 40th Anniversary Championships”, 17:00 to the end of the day.

• Saturday, April 28, “Legends Show”, 18:30 to the end of the day.



SAFETY NOTICE: Adults travelling with children, when exiting the bus via the rear doors, should ensure that the children exit first to prevent the doors from closing on them.


The Bus is Better

We don’t have to tell you what you already know… the bus IS better! There’s nothing like taking your own stretch limo to your destination throughout Greater Moncton. And for only $2.50 per ride, it’s perfect for your budget and so convenient!

And what makes the bus better? How about free WiFi for starters! Not to mention that taking the bus means taking away the worry of parking. It means you’ve got a reliable ride taking you where you need to be. It means you can relax and enjoy the ride while our friendly drivers take you from point A to point B in a safe and warm environment. Who knows, maybe you’ll make a new friend or two!

So start planning your next trip! The bus will be even better with you on board!



Need help planning your trip...

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Google Transit Planner


Check out the Schedules page to help plan your trip with us or if you need help call our information helpline at 857-2008, Monday to Friday, between  7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.  No telephone service on Saturday and Sunday.




Seniors 65+ ride free on Wednesdays 

Proof of age required.


Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) card holders can travel for free on all Codiac Transpo buses. As sight loss differs from person to person, bus operators may request that a customer show their CNIB card. 


Where a person who has any disability or special need that requires an attendant to travel with them, the attendant shall travel for free.







The following is the list of holidays throughout the year on which no public transit service will be available:

• New Year's Day

• Family Day

• Good Friday

• Easter Sunday

• Victoria Day

• Canada Day

• New Brunswick Day

• Labour Day

• Thanksgiving Day

• Remembrance Day

• Christmas Day

• Boxing Day